About jan 

Originally I'm from the DC metro area, now I live in Los Angeles.  I grew up in an eccentric setting around the most interesting, real characters. I carry those characters with me and they inspire a lot of my work.


I studied musical theatre at Boston Conservatory and the University of Maryland. I’ve toured with the Capitol Steps, performed on camera, on stage, under scaffolding (puppetry) and behind the mic.  Also, I’ve studied improv/sketch comedy with The Groundlings.

I love this work, all of it.

Some characters I’ve voiced

Videogames: Dungeons & Dragons (Rogue), Fallout 3 (Lucy West, Clover, Sierra Petrovita, Bittercup), Broken Steel (Specialist Olin), and Murdered: Soul Suspect, Fallout 4 (Scribe Haylen, Ellie Perkins, Colette, Sierra Petrovita), and Mighty No. 9 (Dynatron).


Animation: Nickelodeon’s The Loud House, Sesame Studios' The Witch Sisters , DreamworksTV's Public Pool, News That Doesn't Stink, and is the voice of JetBear in (you guessed it) JetBear.

I've also voiced a blender for Fisher-Price.  


Full list of conflicts available upon request.


I don’t take myself too seriously, but I do take dependability, kindness and punctuality very seriously. I can have fun, but I know when to reel it in when it’s time to work. Other than that, I am a total nerd that also enjoys a good fart joke.

I look forward to collaborating with you. Thank you.